VICTORY: Hardee’s Joins Carl’s Jr. in Grilling up Beyond Meat

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Fast food giant Hardee’s has jumped on the plant-powered bandwagon, becoming the latest in a growing number of chains to offer vegan meat. After supporters joined Compassion Over Killing in encouraging the burger giant to follow in its sister company, Carl Jr.’s, footsteps by offering a vegan burger, Hardee’s heard the sizzling demand and will soon be introducing Beyond Meat …

Activists Flock to Alexandria for McDonald’s Demonstration

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Following the Animal Rights National Conference, this past weekend over 140 activists flocked to McDonald’s in Alexandria, Virginia, to protest the terrible treatment of birds in the burger chain’s chicken supply line.  The demonstration was part of a coalition effort led by The Humane League, Compassion Over Killing, Animal Equality, and Mercy For Animals to encourage the fast food giant …

PROGRESS: Dunkin’ Launches Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich in Manhattan

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Coffee giant Dunkin’ has joined the ranks of fast-food restaurants offering plant-based meat options by debuting a Beyond Meat sausage breakfast sandwich in all Manhattan locations. Though this sandwich unfortunately comes with eggs and cheese, the new item points towards Dunkin’s further involvement in the plant-based arena.  Nearly 20,000 people have signed Compassion Over Killing’s petition urging Dunkin’ to take …

COK and Vegan Outreach Team Up to Tell IHOP: We Want Vegan Pancakes!

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Pancakes have been around for centuries and are a beloved breakfast staple across the nation. But surprisingly, one of the country’s most well-known pancake giants, International House of Pancakes, (better known as IHOP), does not offer a vegan version of the popular treat for the millions of conscious consumers who are hungry for plant-based options.  That’s why Compassion Over Killing …

National Chicken Council: It’s Time to Ban the Outdated, Barbaric Use of Nose Bones

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Have you ever seen or heard about these little plastic sticks or rods called “nose bones?” They look a bit like thick plastic toothpicks. In the chicken industry, workers are paid to take these “bones” and stab them through the sensitive nostrils of young male breeder birds. The practice is commonly referred to as “boning,” and it’s as barbaric as …

Raised & Rooted

Tyson’s “Plant-Based” News Isn’t Plant-Based At All

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After teasing a plant-based protein endeavor and telling Compassion Over Killing that it was “looking at plant protein as the future of protein,” Tyson Foods’ new Raised & Rooted brand falls short of the mark. The new brand, which Tyson is calling “plant-based” is, well, not plant-based at all. The brand’s debut products include nuggets that, while meatless, contain egg …

John Lewis

“Bad Ass Vegan” John Lewis Tells BOCA: Ditch Dairy!

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In celebration of National Hamburger Day, fitness expert and influencer John Lewis, also known as Bad Ass Vegan, is teaming up with Compassion Over Killing to kick dairy out of BOCA’s burgers for good.  BOCA is already moo-ving the brand in the right direction: Since the start of Compassion Over Killing’s campaign, and thanks to the nearly 50,000 of you …

rebecca soni

Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Soni Joins Athletes Saying, “Not So Fast, USDA!”

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Six-time Olympic medalist, World Champion, and world record-holding swimmer Rebecca Soni is all about speed. But outside of the pool, she’s using her voice against the USDA’s reckless plan to speed up pig slaughter lines nationwide, which would endanger millions of animals, workers, and consumers. Swimmers, cyclists, and runners must be fast–but slaughterhouses are no place for racing, according to …