Disaster for Ducks: Federal Court Overturns CA’s Foie Gras Sales Ban

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In a disappointing turn of events, yesterday, a federal court struck down a California law that prohibits the sale of foie gras, a cruelty-laden product made from the diseased livers of ducks and geese. This decision, which will hopefully be appealed by the state, means foie gras can once again be sold in California. California’s foie gras ban that went …

Meat Industry Has a Cow Over Proposed Dietary Guidelines

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Last week, the US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee issued its proposed nutrition policy for 2015 that has the meat industry crying foul — and the Washington Post is calling it the “meat industry’s worse nightmare.” The current proposal, which will soon re-open for public comments, recommends that Americans eat more fruits and vegetables while reducing our consumption of red and processed …

A New Year Means a New Start for Millions of Animals in California

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Starting January 1, 2015,  millions of farmed animals being raised in California can no longer be intensively confined inside tiny barren cages or crates, as mandated by law.  Thanks to “Prop 2” – a history-making ballot measure overwhelmingly passed by California voters in 2008 under the official title of “The Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act” – egg-laying hens, pregnant pigs, …

Governor Christie Has a PIG Problem

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More news from NJ: Sen. Cory Booker stands with the 93% of New Jerseyans who want gestation crates banned — and he’s standing up for all farmed animals by going vegan! Read more. It’s been all over the news, even making national headlines: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey has a pig problem. The media has been covering this issue for …

Where’s The Beef (From)? The Meat Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

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Most people want to know where their food comes from – and believe that fundamentally, they have the right to know. However, the US meat industry disagrees and is fighting to keep consumers in the dark as long as possible. In 2002, Congress passed a Country of Origin Labels law, commonly referred to as “COOL.” This law requires that on …

Foie Gras No More!

Victory for Ducks and Geese: US Supreme Court Allows CA’s Foie Gras Ban to Stand

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In yet another victory for animals, the Supreme Court of the United States yesterday declined to hear a challenge to California’s foie gras ban, allowing the prohibition on the sale of this cruel product to remain in effect. California has banned the production and sale of foie gras, a so-called “delicacy” made from the diseased livers of ducks and geese, …

battery cage egg

Egg-citing Victory: CA’s Battery Cage Egg Sales Ban Survives

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Late last week, a federal judge threw out a legal challenge to a California law that bans the sale of eggs from hens who are intensively confined inside tiny wire battery cages. In 2008, California voters passed a state law, known as “Prop 2,” requiring farmers within the state to provide egg-laying hens with more room so they can lie down, …


COK Investigation Update: Pilgrim’s Responds, Calls Acts on Video “Unacceptable”

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Late last month, CNN aired an exclusive, in-depth report breaking COK’s latest undercover video exposing shocking cruelty to chickens at a North Carolina factory farm that supplies Pilgrim’s, the second-largest chicken slaughterer in the world. Our heartbreaking footage uncovers horrors that include birds genetically manipulated to grow so obese, they suffer from painful and debilitating leg deformities, sick or injured …