Vegan Eating Reaching Global Tipping Point

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Have you heard that Target just launched its own line of plant-based meats and Smoothie King is now serving vegan protein shakes in its 700 stores worldwide? These international retailers know it’s good business to offer customers what they want: delicious, affordable, healthy, and convenient vegan options! The demand is not only real, it’s reaching a global tipping point: Worldcrunch recently reported that Palitana, India …

Food for Change: Making the Impossible Possible

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Life is booming on planet Earth: in fact, world population is set to hit over 9 billion by 2050. But with it will grow the need to feed the masses – and, as seen in this infographic from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, so will the unsustainable consumption of meat. As noted in the New York …

Tricks AND Treats for a Vegan Halloween

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Halloween, which really is just another word for CANDY, is creeping up on us!  The costume, the decorations, the face paint – are all just prep for the goodies. Whether you’re four or 40, Halloween is the one day a year you get a free pass to unwrap your way into a full-blown SUGAR RUSH. Will you wait in your …

The Future is Here: Vegan Artisan Cheese

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For all those wondering how vegans live “without” cheese, get excited – you’re finally about to get an answer. We don’t! There’s already a huge variety of  vegan cheese available to the mainstream, but recently, plant-based companies have stepped their game up. Now there are three cruelty-free companies spoiling us with hand crafted artisan delights— and during our taste-test, they IMPRESSED. We’d confidently serve these …

food waste

Food Waste in America: From Slaughterhouse to Landfill

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Last month, world leaders convened in New York City for the UN Climate Summit sparking headlines around the world.  While scientists and politicians continue to debate the causes of and solutions to climate change, one topic gaining attention outside of the board rooms is food waste. According to a recent article in The Washington Post, “Roughly a third of the …

Vegan Cuts

Vegan Cuts Deal: Buy a Necklace, Spread Compassion, Benefit COK!

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NecklacesOur friends at Vegan Cuts have launched a new line of super cute necklaces featuring three different maple wood pendants – a rabbit, a lamb, and a fox. These necklaces aren’t just adorable and stylish — they also support Compassion Over Killing’s work to protect animals! How?

When you buy your necklace (necklaces) on Vegan Cuts, simply select Compassion Over Killing from the non-profit drop down menu and 10% of your purchase will be automatically donated to support our live-saving campaigns.

The Vegg Cookbook

The Vegg Cookbook: Egg-Free Cooking Uncaged!

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The VeggIt’s been just over a year since The Vegg was launched, and this versatile plant-based egg yolk replacer has taken the market by storm. Consumers everywhere — from the US to Switzerland to Australia — are using it to whip up amazing vegan creations including omelets, crepes, hollandaise sauce, quiche and so much more. What makes The Vegg so unique is that it looks, smells, and even tastes like egg yolk – but without all the cruelty, which is good news for hens! Plus, every time you buy The Vegg, 10% of sales are donated to Compassion Over Killing.