8 Reasons to Ditch Dairy on World Plant Milk Day

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August 22nd is World Plant Milk Day, and as consumers are increasingly turning away from cruelly produced cow’s milk and toward vegan options, dairy industry sales continue to curdle. Plant milk is delicious and nutritious, and the market is growing every day with no signs of stopping. For a little motivation, we’ve compiled a list of eight reasons dairy is scary–and …

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COK Video Tours Take Thousands ‘Beyond The Lies’ of Animal Ag

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) has just wrapped up its summer Beyond The Lies tours, and we are proud to announce that with your support for this new COK program, our crews have connected with nearly 12,500 people in 36 cities across the nation on Vans Warped Tour and across California, opening up meaningful dialogue about the shocking truth of how …

The Guardian: Meatplant Workers Already Suffering Severe Injuries, As USDA Considers Speeding Up Slaughter Lines

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As the USDA debates rolling out their high-speed pig slaughter program nationwide, the slaughter and meatpacking industries remain some of the most dangerous working environments in the US. In a new story, The Guardian reports that in US meat plants there are two amputations a week and 17 “severe” incidents a month, which includes hospitalizations or “loss of an eye.” …

Powerful ‘Beyond The Lies’ Summer Video Tour to Bring Thousands Nationwide the Shocking Truth of Life and Death for Farmed Animals

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) proudly announces the launch of our Beyond The Lies tours, kicking off today in California and bringing powerful video outreach to 36 cities nationwide this summer, including on the final cross-country Vans Warped Tour. This inspiring program will raise awareness among thousands of people about the suffering of animals raised and killed for food, empowering them to …

Message in the Sky over Tyson-Sponsored Poultry Fest: Cruelty Won’t Fly!

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Today, Compassion Over Killing (COK) flocked to the Tyson Foods-sponsored Poultry Festival in Arkansas, in a powerful demonstration urging the poultry giant to end cruel, unnatural rapid growth in birds and shift towards plant protein. COK volunteers turned up the heat on Tyson to take action, demonstrating around the festival’s barbecue event with signs that “Tyson’s cruelty won’t fly” as consumers …

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Tyson Challenges Perdue’s Ads As Deceptively Boasting “Happy” Chickens

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In a blatant case of the pot calling the kettle black, Tyson Foods recently challenged fellow poultry giant Perdue Farms, Inc., by way of the National Advertising Division (NAD). The advertisement in question — painting all of Perdue’s chickens as organic and “happy” —was found to be misleading. Perdue recently began broadcasting these ads on YouTube and television, depicting chickens …

Animals Are Not A Health Food!

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This month the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) published a survey on American dieting habits and the results made something clear: Americans want to get in control of their health, but have they been misled? Instead of opting for a plant-based diet, consumers are running away from carbohydrates in search of more protein. Diet regimens like Paleo, Keto and …

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Celebrate Compassion for All Moms This Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner! While we honor the moms and mother figures in our lives, why not take a few moments to celebrate and honor all moms? When you learn about the lives of some of the caring mothers who happen to have fur or feathers, it’s clear to see why every mom deserves compassion this Mother’s Day. …

Stop Dangerous King Amendment from Gutting Animal Protection Laws

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One of the largest threats facing animals in the United States right now will soon come to a vote in the House of Representatives. You can take action to stop it by taking a quick moment to contact your elected officials. The House Agriculture Committee has passed its 2018 Farm Bill out of committee, with Representative Steve King’s dangerous amendment …