IHOP Vegan

COK has joined forces with Vegan Outreach to encourage International House of Pancakes (IHOP) to become the first national breakfast chain to serve up delicious, cholesterol-free, vegan pancakes!
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Dunkin’: A Vegan Donut Would Be a Slam Dunk!

In 2014, Dunkin’ responded to thousands of you who supported COK’s campaign saying, “You’ve asked and we’ve heard,” and began pouring out almond milk for our dairy-free coffee. Now, we are back at it to tell the coffee giant that a vegan donut would be a slam dunk. Monumental progress was made when Dunkin’ recently rolled out a Beyond Meat breakfast sausage patty in Manhattan with plans to expand nationwide. Join us in keeping the heat on Dunkin’ until it rolls out a vegan donut!
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We Love Subway

In response to COK’s We Love Subway campaign, by 2014, Subway had tested Malibu Garden and Black Bean vegan subs in limited US markets and introduced falafel to some stores. In a sweeping victory, the sandwich giant has now partnered with Beyond Meat to trial a vegan meatball sub in select locations in 2019--and has teased a nationwide rollout soon. Help us keep the pressure on to show Subway the demand for plant-based eating is sizzling from coast to coast!
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Kraft a Better BOCA

In 2010, meatless brand BOCA dropped eggs from its products in response to a COK campaign. Now, we’re asking parent Kraft Heinz to take the next step and ditch cruel dairy. With your support, the brand has now gone mostly vegan--but continues to cling to cruel cow’s milk in a handful of its products, despite curdling consumer demand for dairy. Join us in urging the company to Kraft a better BOCA!
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Nestlé's Nightmare

A recent COK investigation exposed egregious cruelty in Nestlé’s dairy supply chain, including calves’ sensitive horn tissue being burned from their skulls with no pain relief. Nestlé, the world’s largest dairy company, can become a true food leader by ending cruel horn removal and churning out vegan options for all of its dairy brands.
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Not So Fast, USDA!

Despite hearing from over a quarter million outraged consumers, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is moving forward to expand a cruel, dangerous pilot program that allows pig slaughterhouses to kill pigs as fast as they want, while simultaneously pulling back on government oversight. Now the agency has its sights set on poultry plants. Help us put the brakes on reckless high-speed slaughter!

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Chicken Industry Cruelty

COK investigations have exposed the grim realities of the chicken industry, in which birds spend their entire lives mired in waste in filthy, crowded factories, crippled by the weight of their own morbidly obese obese bodies due to genetic manipulation for rapid growth. COK is taking industry titan Tyson Foods to task for these abuses and urging it to shift to compassionate plant protein. We’re also fighting the US Department of Agriculture’s dangerous plan to speed up the already violent slaughter process at poultry plants nationwide.
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Starbucks Vegan

Starbucks is already catering to compassionate coffee drinkers with almond, soy, and coconut milk. We’ve teamed up with journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell to ask it to take the next step: brewing up vegan food! Already, Starbucks is responding to your requests by offering vegan breakfast items and protein-packed veggie bowls in select cities and even a vegan cupcake in Miami. Join us in urging the coffee giant to give consumers a robust vegan food menu nationwide!

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Vegan Pizza

Thanks to your voices, Little Caesars is now testing meat-free Impossible Sausage in select cities. But Papa John’s and Little Caesars are still serving up misery with every single slice of mozzarella. Each year, over a half million cows languish on dairy farms, forcibly impregnated and separated from their babies, to churn out milk for their cheese supplier Leprino Foods. As consumers’ appetite for cow’s milk curdles, Papa John’s UK is already dishing out vegan cheese. Now it’s time for Papa John’s US and Little Caesars to get a slice of the action and add dairy-free cheese to their menus.

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Cruelty Won’t Fly!

Hundreds of millions of chickens are crammed in filthy, ammonia-ridden sheds and bred to grow so unnaturally large, so unnaturally fast that their legs often collapse under the weight of their own morbidly obese bodies–all for McDonald’s menu. Join us in telling McDonald’s to end the worst abuses of birds in its supply chain and dish out compassionate vegan burgers!

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