New Tyson CEO: Plant-Based Demand Outpacing Meat

by Erica Meier

“Plant-based protein is growing almost, at this point, a little faster than animal-based, so I think the migration may continue in that direction.”

These words didn’t come from the head of a vegan company, but from the new CEO of Tyson Foods, one of the largest meat producers in the world!

In a Fox Business article with the headline “Tyson Foods CEO: The Future of Food Might Be Meatless,” Tyson’s Tom Hayes said:  “If you take a look at the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) stats, protein consumption is growing around the world—and it continues to grow. It’s not just hot in the U.S.; it’s hot everywhere, people want protein, so whether it’s animal-based protein or plant-based protein, they have an appetite for it.”

Today’s statement from the new CEO isn’t the first time Tyson Foods has recognized that plant-based foods are sprouting up everywhere and growing in demand: The company has already purchased a 5% stake in innovative all-vegan company Beyond Meat, and launched a venture capital fund to invest in the development of protein alternatives.

Will we see Tyson making changes in order to grow with consumer demand? Time after time, investigations have uncovered egregious animal abuse at Tyson, including Compassion Over Killing’s gut-wrenching undercover video revealing cruelty at multiple Tyson broiler chicken breeding facilities.

COK’s investigator documented for the first time on hidden camera the brutal practice of stabbing a plastic “bone” through the nostrils of male breeder chickens to severely restrict their food intake. Chickens raised for meat are genetically manipulated to eat a lot and grow abnormally large, so the breeder flocks are perpetually starved to prevent them from becoming obese. Prompted by COK’s video, Tyson, Perdue and Wayne Farms quickly ended the barbaric practice of using nose bones.

But the underlying issue remains, and Tyson continues to starve chickens that the company itself has bred for fast and excessive growth. Take Action today! Sign & share COK’s petition: Tell Tyson to Stop Starving Birds!

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