Advocacy Resources

Want to make a difference for animals by getting active in your own community? It’s easy and fun! Start today by reading Compassion Over Killing’s advocacy resources below — whether you want to leaflet, host a feed-in, or reach out to restaurants asking them to offer vegan meals. You can also sign-up for our national volunteer list to get alerts about COK events in your community.

Advocacy ResourcesGuide to Effective Leafleting

One of the most cost-effective ways to spread a message of compassion is sharing free pro-veg literature with others at a community festival, college campus, or where ever there are a lot of people!  And the best part of leafleting is that you can help animals on your own schedule — all you need is literature (ask us about getting free materials) and about 30 minutes to spare.

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Advocacy ResourcesGuide to Organizing Feed-ins

As the saying goes, “The best way to win people’s hearts is through their stomachs.”  That’s what feed-ins are all about: winning over the hearts and minds of the public by sharing free vegan food samples! By hosting a feed-in, you’ll help others discover the cruelty-free versions of their favorite foods, empowering them to help animals at every meal.

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Advocacy ResourcesGuide to Restaurant Outreach

You can help make vegetarian eating easier than ever by encouraging restaurants in your community to start offering vegan options or expand upon an existing meatless menu.  Persuading restaurants to dish out delicious meat-free meals is a win-win for the business, for customers (both vegetarians and vegetarians-to-be), and, of course, for animals.

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