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Compassion Over Killing Logo T-Shirt

compassion over killing merchandise

Wear your compassion on your sleeve with our classic COK logo t-shirt. Made in the US with 100% organic cotton and using an eco-friendly printing process.

Price: $15
Sizes: Check our size chart before ordering.




“Ask Me Why I’m A Vegetarian” T-Shirt

compassion over killing merchandise

Our “Ask Me Why I’m a Vegetarian” t-shirt offers more than just a messageit encourages others to strike up a conversation with you about the many benefits of leaving animals off our plates! Made in the US with 100% organic cotton and using eco-friendly printing process. COK logo on the back.

Price: $15, includes 20 free business cards
Sizes: Check our size chart before ordering.


The Conversation Starter T-Shirt

compassion over killing merchandise
Let your tee do the talking: this American-made pistachio green shirt is not only made from 100% recycled materials, but is also a GREAT conversation starter! Also available in women’s v-neck in select sizes.

*Using recycled materials sometimes produces varying shades of green.

Price: $15
Sizes: Check our size chart before ordering.

Compassionate Action Pack

compassion over killing merchandise
Spreading the word of compassion has never been easier: presenting the action-packed Compassionate Action Pack! This fully-loaded activist kit includes:

  • 25 Vegetarian Starter Guides
  • 25 Easy Vegan Recipe booklets
  • 25 Eating Sustainably brochures
  • 10 TryVeg stickers
  • 10 Restaurant Manager Cards
  • 2 magnets (I Support COK & TryVeg)

All of which is nestled nicely into our reusable TryVeg tote bag. Order one NOW to start carrying compassion through your town – or give this as a gift to friend!

Out of literature? Email us at and we’ll send you a refill – FREE!

Price: $20

NEW: TryVeg Tote Bag

compassion over killing merchandise
Free your hands and carry around your compassion in one of our new canvas tote bags! The design is modeled after our popular stickers and magnets – and each order includes a free sticker!

Price: $12


Stickers & Magnets!

compassion over killing merchandise

Help spread a message of compassion with our popular bumper stickers that are both also available as magnets. Put one of your car, locker, or laptop and you can also take the magnets with you when traveling for your rental car!

Price: Varies – see below. Free sticker kit – one of each – available.
Bulk rate: Stickers available in bulk, magnets sold individually or in bulkcompassion over killing merchandise



Vegetarian Starter Guide

compassion over killing merchandise
COK’s 24-page guide to the whys and hows of vegetarian eating shows just how fun and easy cruelty-free eating can be. This magazine-sized publication includes detailed information on the hidden cruelties of factory farming and its toll on the environment as well as how vegetarian diets can protect us against many common ailments. Filled with wonderful resources, recipes, meal ideas, shopping list suggestions, and more, this guide will encourage—and empower—even the most committed carnivore to explore vegetarian eating.

Price: Varies – see below. Free single copies are available.
Individual rate: $1 shipping and handling per copy (under 12)
Bulk rate: $0.70 shipping and handling per copy (12 or more)

Easy Vegan Recipes

compassion over killing merchandise

A new, tempting collection of our favorite mouth-watering recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! We kept in mind the culinary novice, so the recipes are simple to follow. Complete with full-color photos and step-by-step instructions, this new guide will have you cooking like a four-star chef. Bon appétit!

Price: Varies – see below. Free single copies are available.
Bulk rate: available in quantities of 10, 50, or 300 to minimize shipping costs. If you’d like to order a different quantity, please contact us.



Comida con Amigos

compassion over killing merchandise

Our first Spanish-language brochure Comida con Amigos is a 16-page pocket guide featuring the vegan versions of 20 delicious cultural recipes. Comida con Amigos celebrates the community of cooking valued in Hispanic families, while also emphasizing compassionate cuisine—and with nearly 13% of the US population speaking Spanish at home, we hope these recipes help many more people cook vegan.

Price: Free single copies are available. / Copias solas gratis estan disponsibles.
Bulk rate: Email for details

Eating Sustainably Brochure

compassion over killing merchandise

Back by popular demand, we’ve updated this informative flyer to include the latest scientific reports. Share this widely to let others know that animal agriculture is a leading cause of pollution and resource depletion, and that we can fight global warming—and animal abuse—with our forks.

Price: Varies – see below. This brochure may be downloaded for printing or distribution free of charge.
Bulk rate: available in quantities of 25, 150, 500, and 1,000 to minimize shipping costs. If you’d like to order a different quantity, please contact us.

Restaurant Manager Cards

compassion over killing merchandise
Ever dine out at a restaurant and want to leave a friendly note about the growing demand for more vegan options? Now you easily can with COK’s new restaurant manager cards! These free folding business cards highlight the growing demand for healthier and more humane foods and encourage the eatery to expand its menu and marketability with even more vegan meals.

Price: Varies – see below.

Veg Guides to DC & LA

compassion over killing merchandise compassion over killing merchandise

COK’s popular Vegetarian Guides to DC and LA are now available as PDFs so you can instantly download to make your dining plans! No more waiting for the paper version to arrive in the mail.

Veg Guide to DC: download now or visit!

Veg Guide to LA: download now!

Want these in bulk for your office, hotel, or restaurant? Email us at


Vegan Food Share: The Cookbook

compassion over killing merchandise

Vegan Food Share invites you to enjoy its collection of amazing vegan dishes, treats, and various cruelty-free alternatives. Created specifically as a benefit for Compassion Over Killing, this 98-page PDF-format e-book has over 30 decadent recipes for all occasions, such as banana cream pancakes, “beef” tartare with cilantro arepas, and coconut curry-stuffed squash.

As Vegan Food Share is giving all proceeds to benefit COK, this e-book is offered for download with “pay what you can” pricing, beginning as low as $5.

Price: Order for $5, Order for $10, Order for $20
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