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Compassion Over Killing Jobs and Employment

Thank you for your interest in Compassion Over Killing jobs and employment opportunities. Our growing team is dedicated to building a kinder world for all animals. We operate two offices in the US—one in the Washington, DC area and the other in Los Angeles, California.

Undercover Investigator

Compassion Over Killing is seeking Undercover Investigators to help bring to light the suffering and abuse that farmed animals endure on a daily basis.  Our investigations have resulted in criminal charges, animals being rescued, facilities being shut down, animal welfare changes, and countless people making more compassionate food choices.

Being an Undercover Investigator will be one of the most difficult and challenging experiences of your life, but will also be one of the most rewarding and satisfying.  You will be required to travel for extended periods of time, work long hours, and perform heavy manual labor in filthy conditions.  At the end of it all, the knowledge that you have persevered and have made substantial personal sacrifices in order to educate the public about the reality of how their food is produced as well as save animals from a life of torture and suffering is unparalleled.

A desirable candidate will be highly motivated, quick thinking, and possess strong written and verbal communication skills. Our investigators abide by all applicable laws and must be able to remain calm, cool, and collected while witnessing horrific acts of animal cruelty.

If you are up for the challenge of being on the front lines in the war against animal cruelty, please email your cover letter and resume to  

Please check back for the latest updates on additional jobs as they are announced and be sure to also consider applying for an internship.