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You Can Help

1. The best way to help end the abuse of chickens is not to eat them. Although we have no nutritional need for meat, our taste for their flesh necessarily causes the suffering and misery of billions of animals. For information on vegetarian eating, including a free Vegetarian Starter Guide, recipes, resources, and much more, please visit

2. Request that Perdue Farms be prosecuted for violating Maryland’s anti-cruelty statute. 

Please send polite letters to:

Sheriff Charles T. Martin
Sheriff’s Office
Worcester County Government Center
One W. Market St., Room 1001
Snow Hill, MD 21863
Fax: 410-632-3070
Joel Todd, State’s Attorney
State’s Attorney Office
One W. Market St., Court House, Room 208
Snow Hill, MD 21863
Fax: 410-632-3250

3. Demand that KFC adopt standards that would help alleviate some of the suffering caused by its suppliers. While the best way each of us can help animals is simply to choose vegetarian options, KFC could—and should—do what it can to reduce some suffering and make the poultry industry less inhumane. Click here for ways to help the KFC campaign.

4. Learn more about the “broiler” chicken industry. It’s not only at slaughter that these birds are abused. Chickens raised for meat suffer horribly while on the factory farm. Visit for more information.

5. Pass the findings of our investigation to your friends and family. Consumer power is key to achieving substantial change for farmed animals, and you can help bring that day closer by letting more people know about the ugly reality of animal agribusiness. Click here to send a link.