You Can Stand Up for Chickens and All Animals!

Compassion Over Killing’s brave investigators shed light into the darkest corners of factory farming, exposing the miseries forced upon farmed animals kept hidden behind closed doors.

Sadly, the abuses documented at Amick Farms are not isolated incidents. This chicken slaughterhouse is one of more than 20 currently allowed to operate at cruel and dangerous increased speeds, with the USDA potentially granting waivers to other plants soon.

Furthermore, throughout the chicken industry, birds endure egregious abuse and the crippling effects of rapid growth.

Thankfully, there are simple steps YOU — and each one of us — can take to make a difference for birds and all farmed animals today!

Here’s how you can get started:


Sign our investigator’s petition

Tell FSIS to put the brakes on high-speed slaughter!

Share our video

Empower others to see the truth behind the chicken industry and take action.

Pledge to choose vegan foods

Each time you sit down to a vegan meal, you are standing up for birds and all animals. Take a 1-7 day pledge and receive money-saving manufacturer coupons and special promotions!

Thank our brave investigators

Stand with our investigators

Help keep our cameras rolling by lending your support today.