IL on Oct. 30: COK at DePaul Center for Animal Law Fall Symposium

About this event :

DePaul University College of Law’s Center for Animal Law is hosting an all-day symposium on the food and agribusiness industry. The four topics of discussion will be: “The Raising and Slaughtering of Farm Animals,” “Ag-Gag Laws, Undercover Investigations and Exposing Animal Cruelty,” “Food Labeling: What Labels Actually Mean for Consumers and Animals,” and “Prohibition vs. Regulation: Are Incremental Steps Enough?” Watch COK’s Counsel, Lisa Winebarger, speak at 8:30am on “The Raising and Slaughtering of Farm Animals” panel.

WHEN: Wed., Oct. 30 from 8:30am to 5pm
WHERE: DePaul Center, Room 8005
1 E Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604

Your host : Compassion Over Killing Staff

As Communications Coordinator, Katie focuses on delivering COK’s message of compassion to a large-scale audience as well as garnering attention to our live-saving work on behalf of farmed animals. A lifetime animal protector, Katie became vegan at the age of 11 after reading an online animal rights newsletter and has been involved with animal protection campaigns ever since. Katie received a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin in Journalism and Mass Communications. Before joining the COK team, Katie led the communications and development efforts for an animal shelter and assisted with health programs at a raw vegan health institute. Katie shares her home and heart with two rescue animals: Jezy and Bella.

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