Olympic Athletes “Switch 4 Good” to Whole Plant Foods

by Stuart McDonald

Some may wonder where vegan athletes get their protein. But the myth that we need animal protein to thrive and build muscle has long since been busted!

What about dairy? A team of plant-powered athletes and health and nutrition experts have the answer.

Founded by Olympic athletes like cyclist Dotsie Bausch, weightlifter Kendrick Farris, and swimmer Rebecca Soni, new nonprofit Switch4Good addresses a topic often neglected: the detrimental effect of cow’s milk on the human body.

This plant-based coalition of athletes, doctors, researchers, allergists, nutritionists, and trainers is exposing the sour truth about the dairy industry. The truth, says Switch4Good, is that dairy is not a health food. More than 65% of humans are dairy intolerant, pointing towards a bigger issue: people aren’t designed to digest cow’s milk. By continuing to drink milk and eat dairy products, we’re making ourselves sick.

“Dairy is not health food. It is a marketing campaign and it is making people sick.” – Dotsie Bausch, Switch4Good Founder and Olympian

Coalition members like Bausch and Soni cite the many benefits of switching to plant milks: easier breathing, faster recovery, and an overall increase in strength and stamina. In addition to improving performance, eliminating animal products from our diet vastly reduces risk of chronic disease.

To spread the message to athletes who have yet to ditch dairy, Switch4Good debuted a groundbreaking commercial during the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Ditching dairy isn’t just good for athletes, though. Anyone can reap the benefits–from improving your own health, to reducing your environmental impact, and protecting animals who are suffering on factory dairy farms.

To learn more about why to switch (for good!) to a diet of whole plant foods, check out Switch4Good.org. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.


Photo: Switch4Good

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