Danone Tripling Plant-Based Sales by 2025 to Increase Growth

by Compassion Over Killing Staff

Earlier this year, Danone — the world’s largest yogurt producer — aimed to fight curdling yogurt sales by looking to vegan products.

Bloomberg wrote, “Danone is looking beyond the cow…It’s aiming to capitalize on the growth in veganism from niche diet to mainstream lifestyle choice.”

And the dairy giant continues to look in the plant-based direction as the way forward. Danone has now told investors that it plans to triple plant-based sales globally by 2025, from $1.9 billion to $5.7 billion.

Danone’s Chairman and CEO Emmanuelle Ferber says the shift is part of the company’s “innovations to address some of the fastest-growing trends, notably among the younger generations.”

Food Dive also reports that “millennial consumers will be key to how Danone moves toward additional growth,” as market research shows that millennials indeed are driving plant-based demand, among the many people shifting away from animal products.

As Compassion Over Killing investigations reveal, dairy is cruel as well as cholesterol-packed. Dairy cows and their calves suffer a brutal cycle of exploitation and abuse.

With sales of kinder, healthier, and more sustainable dairy-free foods and beverages soaring, more dairy industry giants will likely cash in on this ever-growing market.

Be Kinds to Cows:

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