Daisy Fuentes Narrates COK’s Spanish-Language Beyond The Lies Video

by Stuart McDonald

Daisy Fuentes narrates the new Beyond the Lies spanish video

Compassion Over Killing’s Beyond The Lies tours span the country bringing powerful video outreach to thousands of people. This inspiring program raises awareness about the suffering of animals raised and killed for food, empowering people to choose compassionate vegan eating.

On the heels of our summer tours that reached nearly 12,500 people (many of whom pledged to choose vegan eating), COK has partnered with Daisy Fuentes to offer a Spanish-language version of the powerful Beyond The Lies video.

Animal activist and TV personality Daisy Fuentes is joined by former COK investigator Chrystal Ferber and vegan athletes Rich Roll and Steph Davis. Like the original, this new video includes hard-hitting clips from undercover investigations by COK and other organizations, revealing the widespread and systemic cruelty of the meat, dairy, egg, and fishing industries.

“After seeing so much cruelty and suffering, it can be difficult to go back to everyday life, but you can go beyond the lies and see the animals as the individuals they are.” -Daisy Fuentes

The moving video also includes inspiring footage of rescued farm animals living at sanctuaries, revealing the way the unique personalities of these animals shine through when they’re allowed the freedom to live and be themselves. After they watch the film, all viewers have the chance to take action by pledging to choose vegan foods.

The new video is available now! Watch below or check out the English version.

COK’s Beyond The Lies team offers each viewer $1 to watch our video. This means that every dollar you donate = another person reached with the eye-opening truth behind animal agribusiness.  Please lend your support today to help keep our crews on the road this fall!

Fall tour dates will be announced soon! Stay tuned: BeyondTheLies.org

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Photo: Daisy Fuentes on Instagram

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