VIDEO: Moms Ask for a BOCA Brand Kind to All Mothers

by Compassion Over Killing Staff

Just ahead of Mother’s Day, moms are speaking out in a video call to action, asking Kraft Heinz to choose kindness for all mothers by dropping cruelly produced cow’s milk from its BOCA brand.

While BOCA has become a meatless household name, dairy is still used in the majority of its product line, despite the cycle of cruelty endured by mother cows in the dairy industry.

In COK’s new video, moms and families share the moving reasons they want BOCA to transition to an all-vegan line by dropping dairy.

“The dairy industry rips baby cows away from their moms…and cows want to be with their families, just like we do.”

– Carissa and son, Benny

COK investigations have exposed the horrors behind Big Dairy’s closed doors.

Released around Mother’s Day 2017, COK’s hidden-camera footage filmed inside a dairy factory farm, revealed egregious animal abuse, resulting in cruelty charges.

These abuses are rampant in the industry, and the production of dairy inherently relies on the systematic exploitation of both cows and their calves.

When allowed to live their lives, mother cows form lifelong bonds with their calves. The dairy industry, driven by a cold thirst for profit, forever shatters these bonds.

Artificially inseminated every year, dairy cows have each newborn calf taken away, so the milk produced for their babies can instead be sold to humans. This misery continues until their exhausted bodies are no longer profitable, and they are sent to slaughter.

As mom Carissa and her child say in COK’s video, they want a vegan BOCA brand because the dairy industry rips baby cows away from their moms…and cows want to be with their families, just like us.”

Watch our video to see why other moms are asking Kraft Heinz to kraft a dairy-free BOCA, then join them by signing our petition below!

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