Consumer Demand = Beyond Burger at 460+ TGI Fridays

by Compassion Over Killing Staff

After testing the meatless Beyond Burger in Boston and seeing demand from diners for this plant-based patty, TGI Fridays is now adding it to the menu at 465 locations by January 2018!

More and more consumers are going beyond meat when they order food. In fact, plant-based dining was recently named the 2018 trend of the year by international restaurant consultant firm Baum + Whiteman.

Maybe that’s why the meatless Beyond Burger is the hottest food on the grill right now, even being sold in meat aisles and in movie theaters!

Compassion Over Killing’s campaigns and the requests of thousands of compassionate consumers like you, are  prompting vegan options on mainstream menus across the US, like at Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pita Pit, and more.

And you can help! Click here for more on our campaigns to make vegan eating business as usual nationwide!

Photo: Beyond Meat




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