QSR: How to Improve Your Restaurant? “Invite Vegans”

by Compassion Over Killing Staff

Vegan options are in demand, and restaurants and fast-food chains are taking note! For example: White Castle just served up a second vegan slider, and the world’s first 24-hour vegan drive-thru is coming right up.

In fact, plant-based was named one of 2017’s top global food trends — and even the CEO of Tyson Foods has said plant-based demand is outpacing meat.

Now, restaurant industry magazine QSR has shared its list of “100 Ideas for Improving Your Restaurant Brand”, suggesting at #7 that brands offer menu options to “invite vegans” and the many diners “incorporating more veg-friendly foods into their diets.”

More and more restaurants nationwide are doing just that, and Compassion Over Killing is helping to make vegan eating mainstream, inspiring animal-friendly options on menus coast-to-coast.

Join us in asking for vegan foods by signing and sharing these current COK petitions:

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