Google and Chopt Promote Food Powered by Plants

by Compassion Over Killing Staff

As Google’s Trends app has shown, vegan eating is on the rise and here to stay! Even Google itself is touting the benefits of plant-based foods.

As QSR reports, the mega-tech company has teamed up with Chopt Creative Salad Company in efforts to provide plant-based foods — which have been a huge hit among Google employees — and to “explore the future of plant-based foods.”

Like Chopt, Google believes that a more balanced, plant-forward diet will not only enhance the wellbeing of its employees but also be better for the environment and the world at large,” Chopt Co-Founder Colin McCabe told QSR, “This shared vision, combined with Chopt’s expertise in crafting exciting plant-based offerings, enabled the team to truly reimagine what vegetables can and should be.”

From a “veggie lab” in California, to a vegetable-packed menu at Google’s New York campus, Chopt and Google continue to tout plant power and as McCabe puts it in QSR, “demonstrate how exciting a plant-based diet can be.”

He says: “By putting vegetables first, we have the chance to build healthier people and communities, stronger local economies, and a more sustainable world in general.

Looking for healthy and delicious plant-based foods? You can always do a quick search on Google — but we also have tons of recipes, tips, blogs and much more to help you get started at!

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