Moo-ve Over Milk: Pinkberry Now Serves Non-Dairy

by Compassion Over Killing Staff

Starting today, Pinkberry, a national frozen yogurt restaurant chain with over 100 locations, is launching its first-ever dairy-free option: Tropical Mango soft-serve.

Touting itself as a company offering “better-for-you” options, this new frozen soft-serve has no added sugar and is made from five simple ingredients: fruit, fruit juice, water, citric acid, and natural flavors.

What prompted this new menu item? According to Laura Jakobsen, senior vice president of marketing for Pinkberry:

“The voice from the consumers to provide a dairy-free product was getting louder, so we decided to act quickly and stay ahead of the curve to respond to this emerging trend.”

Pinkberry’s move to add a dairy-free option reflects a growing consumer interest in vegan eating. In fact, as dairy consumption in the US continues to decline, the demand for dairy-free is rising — and more and more companies nationwide are adjusting their menus to accommodate, from TBCY and Tutti-Frutti to Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Horton’s.

Who’s next? In response to consumer requests for vegan ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s recently announced that it’s “working on it.”  And Dairy-Queen is also receiving customer feedback about vegan options — be sure to lend your voice!

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