Girl Scout Cookies Go Vegan

Written by Elena Johnson


Dating back to 1917, it’s an annual tradition that countless people nationwide look forward to: Girl Scout Cookie season! The sale of these sugary treats helps raise money for Girls Scout troops, it teaches scouts about leadership and money management, and it satiates the American sweet tooth.

Fast-forward to 2014: did you know that one of the two commercial bakeries producing Girl Scout Cookies is now making nearly half of their cookies vegan? 

ABC Bakers,which already offers the popular all-vegan Thin Mint, is now baking up other vegan delights: Peanut Butter Patties, tangy Lemonades, and chocolate-dipped shortbread Thanks-A-LotsAdvertised on the company’s website and cookie order forms, these egg- and dairy-free varieties are bringing vegan eating to the mainstream!
To find out if your local Girl Scouts are selling vegan cookies, enter your zip code to look up your region’s Girl Scout Council webpage and look for ABC Bakers as the licensed bakery. Then, enjoy the new generation of healthier and more humane cookies!



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