10 Dogs Who Eat Plants – and Aren’t Ashamed to Admit it

Written by Nicole Furlan


Sometimes our furry friends do the funniest and most endearing things that we, of course, love to talk about.

Sometimes that includes stealthily sneaking around to indulge in delicious foods not necessarily intended for them.

Who can blame them though? Everyone loves fruits and veggies! So we’ve collected 10 of our favorite photos of dogs who are demonstrating that, like us, our adorable companions enjoy eating plants — and they’re not ashamed to admit it!





DogShaming_Apple DogShaming_RedPepper


…and we’d do it again!



You are what you eat!

DogShaming_Carrots_Smaller DogShaming_Plums_Smaller


Well, we can’t say that we’ve had that problem before!



This dog must know that the skin is the most nutritious part!

DogShaming_Strawberries DogShaming_Tomatoes


Fruits and veggies don’t last long around us, either!



We do too!

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