15 Ways to Celebrate World Vegetarian Day, World Farm Animals Day, and Vegetarian Awareness Month!

by Compassion Over Killing Staff


Did you know that Oct. 1 is World Vegetarian Day, Oct. 2 is World Farm Animals Day, and the entire month of October is Vegetarian Awareness Month? We’re celebrating with a host of events from coast-to-coast, but in case you can’t make it out, here are a few easy actions you can take in honor of the animals:

1. Help us serve a Side of Truth.
2. Request heart-healthy vegan subs at WeLoveSubway.com.
3. Urge Dunkin’ Donuts to add an egg- and dairy-free donut.
4. Ask In-N-Out for a veggie burger.
5. Encourage friends and family to choose more veg foods by adopting Meatless Mondays.
6. Take a peek behind the closed doors of factory farms—and share this with someone else.
7. Request a free Vegetarian Starter Guide for a friend, and invite them over to taste-test vegan recipes.
8. Reach out to local restaurants to add more vegan options.
9. Hone your outreach skills with an internship at COK.
10. Subscribe to our e-newsletters to stay up-to-date on events, campaigns, and veg-related news.
11. “Like” our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @TryVeg.
12. Sport your “Ask Me Why I’m a Vegetarian” shirt at school, work, or the grocery store.
13. Spread a message of compassion with a free TryVeg.com bumper sticker.
14. Encourage others to go veg!
15. Become a monthly donor or give on behalf of a birthday or in memory of someone special.

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