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Ag-Gag Action Alert
This may be the last undercover video in NC
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COK Campaign News: 400 Subway restaurants add vegan menu!
Subway Subway Subway
Latest News from Voices of Compassion
NC-social-media NC Ag-Gag Bill Now on Governor’s Desk, Just Days after COK Releases Slaughterhouse Abuse Video
On Monday night, the North Carolina Senate passed HB405/SB433, sending this dangerous Ag-Gag bill... Read more »

wendy's Wendy’s New Test Menu: Black Bean Burgers!
In what is yet another exciting sign that vegan eating has hit the mainstream,... Read more »

pinkberry-dairy-free2 Moo-ve Over Milk: Pinkberry Now Serves Non-Dairy
Starting today, Pinkberry, a national frozen yogurt restaurant chain with over 100 locations, is... Read more »